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Youth Mobilities

Participate in a work exchange with Asociación Caminos

The board of Caminos possesses more than 15 years of experience in working with young people in various educational settings, as well as experience leading and cooperating in European and national projects in the context of youth projects, especially projects targeted at young people at risk of dropping out the social network, but also labour related interventions as well as promotion of democratic values, diversity and gender issues.
In Spain actually we were developing projects mostly, but not necessarily with the background of agricultural and touristic backgrounds. We personally gained good results in experience based and empowerment methodologies in outdoor trainings, but also can provide good standards in indoor trainings to individuals and in groups on the matter of personal & soft skills, teamwork and conflict solving.
Our activities include Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Services and internships. Caminos Asociation is accredited as sending and hosting organisation.

European Voluntary Service outside Spain:
Inform yourself about actual oportunities and required qualifications under office@asoccaminos.org

European Voluntary Service in Spain:
Pre-conditions for participating in an EVS of Caminos are:

  • • a sending organisation in your home country
  • • basic knowledge of spanish language

for volunteering in european proyects:

  • • spanish and englisch language
  • • Microsoft office skills

Please send applications with Europass CV and letter of motivation to office@asoccaminos.org