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Caminos Workshop Series

Caminos Workshop Series are offered either for Young People of for professionals working with young people

Caminos Workshops stand for

  • • Innovative and new training approaches
  • • Based on identified needs of the participants
  • • Encourages ongoing reflection on tranfer to daily practice
  • • Youthpass certified trainings

The courses are usually held in English language as 5-days courses with accommodation nearby our facilities. On request we can also offer individualised workshops which fit your organisation regarding a different schedule or in Spanish, Italian or German language. For more details, specific dates and prices or an individualised offer please contact office@asoccaminos.org.

Our main topics:


A strategic approach for client-centred career orientation and guidance

Using symbols supports the clients in their goal setting process


Target groups: Youth workers/trainers or professionals in career counselling and professional orientation OR Young people looking for professional orientation.

Symbols can make a tremendous contribution to self-awareness of the client, self-esteem as they have infinite meanings and are interconnected with multiple feelings. It contributes to the solution of challenging situations as it promotes the self-responsibility and resources orientated thinking of clients and thus enables them to set goals for their lives and realize those. Asociación Caminos piloted this approach together with the project partners in two projects “SymfoS – Symbols for Success” and “SymfoS for Youth Care” with different targets and specific focuses.

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Youthwork combatting gender stereotypes


Target groups: Youth workers. Trainers, Teachers, volunteers working with young people looking for new methods to raise awareness on gender issues OR young people interested in the effects of gender stereotyping.

In the Shanarani Project we developed methods attractive to young people based on film and music to involve them on reflection on gender stereotyping and related consequences on our life decisions and conditions. In fact, our life is full of stereotypes on masculinity and femininity, which severely affect our opportunities in our lives. Training tools for youth workers are available under www.shanarani.eu and www.syproject.eu

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Eco Track

Responsible decisions in daily life


Target groups: Youth workers. Trainers, Teachers, volunteers working with young people and seeking for methods to assure the transfer of environmental knowledge to daily life decisions OR young people, who want to change their habits.

Small, ready-to-use learning units, which educators and trainers can integrate into their courses to increase climate awareness and motivate participants to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. It shall help to raise awareness on environmental protection and challenges, activate participants and enable them to transfer the learning content to their daily life, clearly displaying personal contributions through practical examples. Easy to understand information on energy and food consumption, water usage, waste reduction, clothing and mobility choices, shall help to engage youth workers but also young people to change to a greener lifestyle and behavior.

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