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Leading during Change

Nowadays constructively dealing with change is one of the most important leading skills. In seminars about leading- and changemanagement, there is a simple formula to explain change:
Change = Unhappiness x Vision x First Step > Resistance
When you think about your own experiences you are going to realize how accurate this formula is. If the level of unhappiness or the inspiration behind a vision is high enough to take the first step, then you can overcome your own resistance against change.
Even during work we often encounter times when something is changed in the companies structure. Unfortunately, this process just will not succeed and is prolonged for a long time. It does not have to be like that. This formula can also be used in this setting. In combination with selective tools for changemanagement you can see that implementing new processes is easier than you thought.
In this course we deal with our own leading awareness and the connected style of leading. We discover various methods to strengthen ourselves and access new resources. Thereby we find new motivational strategies for ourselves but also our employees. Process of changes can be influenced actively and dealing with conflicts and/or fear of change is possible. Thus, when dealing with the leading role, existing structures and needed change, we can see positive effects during the change. This can be influenced directly and we can design possible strategies for the future.
Date: February 18th - 24th 2018, € 1200,-- per person
This price includes 4 course days, 2 single consultations à 3 h with personal coaching, 6 nights in a rural accommodation in Axarquia, shared dinner on arrival day, food and drinks during course times, transfer from and to the airport. Not included are the plane tickets to and from Málaga, as well as food and drinks during non-course times. Excursions on course-free days can be organized at one’s own expenses, if desired.