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Descubrir nuevos caminos...
Neue Wege entdecken...
Discover new paths...


Create visions

Recognize and implement personal goals

There are moments when we realize we have adapted to our surroundings…but is there something behind it? Is there something driving us or are we driven by something? In this week we reflect our own desires, follow our dreams, try to re-discover what is driving us…Visions give the answer to “Why?”. They give us motivation and help overcome obstacles. Visions have a special role in our life. They give us a direction. They show us the path, which we follow in our life. Beside re-discovering our desires, we also deal with realizing our visions and achieving them.
Date: June 17th - 23rd 2018, € 990,-- per person
This price includes 4 course days, 6 nights in a single room in a rural accommodation in Axarquia, food on course days, group cooking in the evening, transfer from and to the airport. Not included are the plane tickets to and from Málaga. Excursions on course-free days can be organized at one’s own expenses, if desired.