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Discover new paths

Support with personal orientation and handling transformative processes

Change is part of our life. Sometimes we change our life on purpose, sometimes it happens within our life and our surrounding without our influence. There are times when we know what changes and goals we want to achieve but we lack the knowledge and awareness to know how we stand in our own way of achieving said goals. This is one of the biggest problems regarding change. Furthermore, it is advantageous to ask for support before the level of unhappiness is extreme enough, so you are forced to change. It takes time and courage to start changing because you have to let go of the past and find new strength. We want to take the needed time in this seminar.

With this, it is possible to discover new possibilities. Looking at our own strengths and our potential and confronting our own goals and dreams, helps to find new energy. We can find trust in ourselves and possible ways to achieve our dreams. We use nature and creative potential to re-discover our own desires and dreams, to orientate ourselves, to set new goals for the future. In the context of this seminar you get the chance to relax during controlled meditation, as well as learn meditation techniques itself. Positive experiences with change, in our private and our professional life, can help to be more open for change in the future.
Date: November 25th - December 1st 2018 , € 1050,- per person
This price includes 5 course days, a shared dinner on arrival day, food and drinks during course times, 6 nights in a single room in a rural accommodation in Axarquia, transfer from and to the airport. Not included are the plane tickets to and from Málaga, as well as food and drinks during non-course times. Excursions on course-free days can be organized at one’s own expenses, if desired.