Shanarani is a 18-months project co-financed by the European Commission under Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth. It aims to create attractive methodologies for young people and raise awareness youngsters on gender issues, in particular on the importance of reducing gender related stereotyping and promoting gender equal opportunities for all.

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SHANARANI Train the trainers

Train the Trainer

From 11th to 15th June 2018 Shanarani “Train the Trainer” took place at CESIE office in Palermo (Italy). The project involved 12 trainers from Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus that have been piloted the Shanarani Intellectual Outputs.  

The 5-days of training aimed to pilot the Shanarani attractive methodologies based on film, music and acting, developed under IO1, IO2 and IO3, and to improve trainer’s competences on gender stereotypes among youngsters.


The involved trainers have deepened several aspects of working with young people including experimented some session from all IOs presented during the training, focusing their attention on the attractive methodologies developed by the project.


Using tools from film, acting and music, they piloted and discussed non-formal training sessions together, finding useful solution on country specific adaptation and useful tips to deliver in the best way training sessions to young people. Furthermore, Shanarani trainers also improved their theoretical background about gender status quo in Europe and the meaning of stereotypes thanks to special workshops delivered by SWI, CESIE and Caminos.


All trainers involved had the opportunity to spent 5 intense days sharing their methodologies, ideas, knowledge, experiences related to the training activities and gender issues. Indeed, they worked to deepen what gender stereotypes among youngsters means and how to use attractive methodologies with them in the next national piloting.


The training achieved good results among participants who acquired new knowledge, personal and professional skills and competences about non-formal activities and gender stereotypes among youngsters, finding new perspectives and inspiration to work in this field.

SHANARANI participants

Shanarani platform 

Shanarani Gamification Platform was one of the main focus of the “Train the Trainers” in Palermo.

It’s a user-friendly platform designed to be interactive and to better discover the meaning of stereotypes through gamification activities and tools for youth workers.

Shanarani partnership will launch very soon the first project results achieved during the previous months. Stay tuned to follow what SWI produced in collaboration with all partners about Gender Status Quo in Europe.

At last, a beta version of the platform has been already presented during the training to all participants by CARDET, Shanarani partner from Cyprus in charge of the platform’s development, who shared a beta version with all trainers in order to collet inputs and feedback from a professional’s point of view.

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SHANARANI activities

Next steps… 

The Train the Trainer will be soon followed by a piloting phase which will be run at local level in all partner’s countries in order to train other interesting youth workers in the methodologies implemented by the project.

Youth workers will have the opportunity to:


  • Improve their personal and professional skills on non-formal activities delivered by innovative tools;
  • Have a positive impact on youngsters in their local community
  • Raise awareness on gender issue at local, national and international level.


For further information about the project, please contact office@asoccaminos.org or visit the official website.

Read more about the project in our website:

SHANARANI partnership
Erasmus plus

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